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NSOU-Open Journal

(On-line Journal of School of Professional Studies)
ISSN : 2581-5415
DRJI Indexed Journal
/ Open Journal - 1st Issue (January 2020)  
Vol.: 3 No.: 1 ISSN: 2581-5415

From the Desk of the Vice-Chancellor
It is my pleasure to state that the School of Professional Studies (SPS), Netaji Subhas Open University has taken initiative to publish a scholarly multidisciplinary online journal – NSOU OPEN JOURNAL. It marks the beginning of the University to reach the global academic fraternity. I am happy to present the present issue (Vol.3, No.1) for the readers. The School of Professional Studies of the University always takes innovative initiatives for the development of research and advancement of knowledge in the related field through seminars, conferences/ workshops. Under this School two courses are being offered on SWAYAM platform for UGC (Post Graduate Course) and IGNOU (Diploma course). I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate my colleagues of SPS, NSOU for this unique academic endeavour for publishing the online journal. It is very difficult to start and continue a quality journal which is published online twice in a year with good qualitative papers. The Editorial Board of the journal takes every possible ways to check and maintain the quality of the selected papers.

I am sure that the NSOU-OPEN JOURNAL would give a platform to the young researchers/ professionals to exchange their views, ideas and thoughts on the contemporary issues of multidisciplinary areas in the field of commerce, management, education, library and information science, social work etc. and other subject domain too.

I express my best wishes to this scholarly effort.
(Professor Subha Sankar Sarkar)
Table of Content
From the Desk of Editor
In India, open and distance learning has become a formidable force in increasing access and equity in higher education of the country. The mission and vision of distance education like reaching the unreached actually conveys the message of inclusive education which may cut across the barriers of caste, creed, gender and also the urban-rural or poor-reach divide. Netaji Subhas Open University, founded in the 1997 on the auspicious occasion of the birth centenary of Netaji Subhas Ch. Bose, has come to occupy a prominent position in the arena of higher education with nearly 5.5lakh learners scattered throughout the State of West Bengal, India. To cater to the need of the learners, the University uses ICT to reach its learners with the academic content like course materials, A/V lecturers, online support etc. The University also hosts “NSOU OER Repository” for its academic resources for the aspirants of higher education all over the world. The School of Professional Studies of the University, apart from its regular academic activities, frequently organizes seminars/ conferences on contemporary issues of different subject domain to exchange views and share our expertise in different disciplines with others across the globe. It is a matter of pride that NSOU-OPEN JOURNAL is being published by a School of the University since 2018 in multidisciplinary subjects. The University has adopted institutional OER policy for its various publications. Accordingly, all the academic contents are released as OER in our OER repository with CC-BY-NC-SA license.
(Professor Anirban Ghosh)