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Results of BPP, Term End DEC-2010 and JUN-11(12.06.2012)
Result of Post Graduate Mathematics,Term End December,2010
Master of Library and Information Science Term End December 2010
Result of Post Graduate MSW,Term End December,2010
Result of Post Graduate English,Term End December,2010
Result of Post Graduate Education,Term End December,2010
Result of Post Graduate Bengali,Term End December,2010
Result of Post Graduate History,Term End December,2010
PGPS Result TE Examination DEC-2010(03.04.2012)
PGPA Result TE Examination DEC-2010(03.04.2012)
PGELT Result TE Examination DEC-2010(19.03.2012)
BLIS Result TE Examination JUNE-2010(10.02.2012)
BCA Result TE Examination DEC-2010(16.08.2011)
MCA Result TE Examination DEC-2010(11.08.2011)
Combined Result of All 13 PG Subject, DEC-2009, TE Examination(06.06.2011)
BLIS Review Result JUNE-2009(30.05.2011)
PGSW Result-2009(14.03.2011)
PGEG Result-2009(04.03.2011)
PGBG Result-2009(02.03.2011)
PGZO Result Dec-2009(21.02.2011)
PGGO Result Dec-2009(21.02.2011)
PGMT Result-2009(18.02.2011)
PGCO Result-2009(31.01.2011)
PGHI Result-2009(11.01.2011)
PGED Result Dec-2009(31.12.2010)
MLIS Result-2009(31.12.2010)
Results of BDP Term End June-2009
Results of BDP Term End December-2009
MBA Result Dec-2008,Semester-V(Date of Publication 01.10.2010)
MBA Result June-2009,Semester-VI(Date of Publication 01.10.2010)
BLIS Result June-2009(Date of Publication 22.09.2010)
PGPS Result-2009(Date of Publication 16.09.2010)
PGET Result-2009(Date of Publication 15.09.2010)
PGPA Result-2009(Date of Publication 15.09.2010)
BPP Result Dec-2009(Date of Publication 27.07.2010)