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09.06.2017 : REVISED Examination Schedule & Venue for Post Graduate Diploma in Physician Assiatant (Theoty & Practical), TEE June 2017 (2nd Year).
09.06.2017 : Admission Notification for Bachelor Degree Programme (BDP), Session July, 2017.
14.06.2017 : REVISED Examination Schedule for Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation, Term End Examination, June 2017.
19.06.2017 : Admission OPEN for Vocational Courses under SVS. 19.06.2017 : Admission OPEN for training programme under CLL.
20.06.2017 : REVISED Exam Schedule & Venue for Diploma in Entreprenuership Development & Small Business Management (Practical), TEE June 2017.
20.06.2017 : Examination Notice for MLIS-9 (New), MLIS-8 (Old) and MSW (Papers-7, 8, 15 & 16), Term End Examination June 2017.
20.06.2017 : Format for MSW-7 Field Work, MSW-15 Project Work and MLIS-9 (New) Dissertation, MLIS-8 (Old) Dissertation.
21.06.2017 : Provisional Merit List for Admission to B.Ed. Special Ed. (ODL) 2017-2019 for North Bengal Zone. 21.06.2017 : Provisional Merit List for Admission to B.Ed. Special Ed. (ODL) 2017-2019 for South Bengal Zone
21.06.2017 : General Instructions for Counselling of the listed candidates (Rank-wise) for Admission to B.ED SPL. ED. (M.R/H.I/V.I)-ODL Course, 2017-2019.
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School of Humanities
Date Publications
12.05.2017 "Partition Literature : An Open Praxis"
- Edited by Srideep Mukherjee & Manan Kumar Mandal
School of Humanities, Netaji Subhas Open University
(ISBN : 978-93-82112-11-2)
20.10.2016 "Living the Postcolonial : Indian Literature in Perspective"
An UGC-DEB project as a joint effort between NSOU and Gangchil Kolkata.
- Edited by Srideep Mukherjee, Assistant Professor in English
School of Humanities, Netaji Subhas Open University
(ISBN : 978-93-84002-93-0)
07.08.2015 "Adhunik Bharatiya Sahitya Prasange (Vol. 2)"
- Edited by Dr. Manan Kumar Mandal, Associate Professor,
Bengali Language & Literature, Netaji Subhas Open University
07.08.2015 "Third Rabindranath Tagore Memorial Lecture"
- by Hasan Azizul Haque.
(ISBN : 978-93-82112-14-3)
-- "Partition Sahitya"
- Introduction & Edited by Dr. Manan Kumar Mandal
Published by Gangchil & Netaji Subhas Open University
Book details : Demai Size II (12+352) pages II 22 Essay, 25p Introduction II 5 Maps II 2 Parishistha.
(ISBN : 978-93-84002-18-3)
-- "Adhunik Bharatiya Sahitya Prasange (First Phase)"
- Edited by Dr. Manan Kumar Mandal.
(ISBN : 978938211 209 9)
-- "Second Rabindranath Tagore Memorial Lecture"
- by Keteki Kushari Dyson.
(ISBN : 978-93-82112-02-0)
-- "Parashmanir Pradip Tomar"
(Rabindranath Tagore Sesquicentennial Celebration Volume)
- Complied & Edited by Debnarayan Modak and Dr. Manan Kumar Mandal
(ISBN : 978-81-910832-3-1).
-- First Rabindranath Tagore Memorial Lecture, by William Radice. Download
-- Structure and Dimensions of Screen Writing: An Initiative of ODL.
- Edited by Arijit Ghosh
School of Humanities, Netaji Subhas Open University

(ISBN : 978-93-82112-18-1).
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  • 13-June 2017
    Tender Notice for Printing edited volume....detail
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    Tender Notice for Pre-Printed Award List....detail
  • 23-May 2017
    Tender Notice for ODL Volume....detail
  • 16-May 2017
    Tender Notice for extention of Conference room, SoE, Kolkata...detail
  • 20-April 2017
    Tender Notice for printing, supply and delivery...detail
  • 10-April 2017
    Tender Notice for AC at the SOSS, NSOU, Kalyani...detail
  • 05-April 2017
    Tender Notice for printing for SSS at NSOU, Kolkata...detail
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